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80/20 RULE

Creator: Cayle Alldredge

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Do you struggle with trying to find the balance between good and bad choices? Are you ready to find the perfect combo of the foods to keep you healthy/on track and the foods you know you should avoid, but love? Is the yo-yo dieting something you want to get rid of forever and find freedom in the food you eat?

If you answered yes to these questions, then the 80/20 rule is your perfect match.

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I have struggled with my weight since I can remember. When I was in college I was trying every fad diet out there.

Pills, low carb, no carb, pre packaged meals, counting calories, tracking my food, barely eating, and eating only chicken and broccoli. If there is something you thought of that wasn't on this can beat I tried that too. That was the way I rolled for many years.

Hello, I am Cayle

Until one day I realized this was so insanely unhealthy. I would go from a size 8 to a 4 to a 12 to a 6 to a 10 down to a 6 again. If you think I am joking....I wish I was.

I literally had over 40 pairs of jeans in my closet because I didn't know what size I would in a few months.

After I had my kids I was struggling to get back on track with my weight and nutrition. So, I made 2 adjustments in my life. The first one was consistently meal planning and the 2nd was adding 80/20 into my life. I was able to lose weight, make the healthy choices I needed to on a consistent basis, and feel amazing in my skin again.

These were things that I never understood or was able to do. It felt so good to finally have these areas of my life mastered.

I went from:

😢feeling like crap

😢having no energy

😢 constantly fatigued

😢 making poor food choices

😢 lots of headaches and skin issues

To 100% each and every day of my life...finally!

I was able to:

🤩get rid of my headaches/skin issues

🤩be happy playing with my kids everyday

🤩have energy that I haven't had since high school

🤩learn how to serve my body with a balance of foods to fuel me

I felt so good!

Are you wondering how to make 80/20 happen for you and understand how it can change your health like it has mine?

I invite you to first start with my Free 5 Day 80/20 Challenge. It will give you the perfect jumpstart you need on your journey to balance in your food choices!


How to 80/20 In a Nutshell:

This is how I love to break down how to implement this into your life:

Most people eat 3 meals a day, 7 days a week....that's 21 meals.

If you take 80% of that 21, that is 16. So I eat 16 clean meals a week.

20% of 21 is 5, so I eat 5 'loose meal's per week.

What do 80% clean and 20% loose meal choices look like?

80% clean is anything I know is healthy for me and is fueling my body with the good things.



🍴Lots of water





🍴Roasted or raw veggies

🍴Fresh fruit

🍴Leans meats

🍴Olive oil/vinaigrette dressings





🍴Coffee not loaded with sugar

20% loose meals are foods that I know I should not eat everyday. If any of these foods are in my meal, then it counts as a 20% meal in my books.


👎Anything fried

👎Heavy cream sauced foods

👎Cheesy casseroles/potatoes

👎Large amounts of carbs

👎Processed foods

👎Energy drinks/soda



👎Bacon, sausages and highly processed meats


👎Fast food

Be sure to reference the 80/20 cheat sheet for more pointers. But, the main thing is planning out your week. Not having a plan leads to failure. This is why the combo of meal planning and 80/20 has been an amazing combo for me. I plan out my meals for the week. I map out what meals are my 20% so that I do not make bad choices every single day like I use to. Having a plan to stick to when I map out my choices for the week has been the ultimate game changer for me, and it can be for you as well!

Watch my free masterclass to learn how to - Meal Plan like a Boss.

FAQ's About the 80/20 Rule

Nope! This is teaching you how to make a lifestyle change of balacing your food choices. No counting, tracking, weighing, etc. Just knowing when to make good choices and when you can indulge.

While I cannot sit here and say "Yes! You will 100% lose weight with this...What I can say is that it has helped countless people feel like they are in control of their choices. It will help you understand how to find that balance in your food choices so that you are not eating not so good for you foods all of the time. It keeps you mindful on eating healthy and making better choices, so yes in return people see weight loss.

Decrease in bloating, more energy, better sleep and just an overall feeling of pride because you know you are in control and making better choices.

Everyone is different. Some people after a couple days and some people it takes a week or so. After a month you will come to appreciate healthier foods and decline unhealthy foods.

For me it is the flexibility, hands down. I struggled for several years with my weight and this is the only thing that has worked for me. Even around the holiday's, on vacation and in the Summer! It makes me stop and think about what I am eating and if it is worth it, or if I would rather have that piece of cake later in the week at the birthday party I know I am going to. It is fail proof and works, plain and simiple.

In my head the week runs Sunday to Sunday. I have been doing this for so long that it is just 2nd nature. In the beginning I would use my calendar. I just looked at what I have going on that week for parties and gatherings. That helped me know exactly what days and nights I was going to be in my 80% and when I could have my 20%. It kept me from ordering frech fries every single time I had a burger and made me enjoy the fries more when I ordered them, rather than scarfing it down. That went for any food really. Looking ahead at your week is key.

There for sure is nothing wrong with teaching your kids to balance their food choies. Just be sure you are coming across in a positive way. You do not want to make them develop a negative relationship with food. Teaching them that they can't have ice cream every night or donuts every morning and why, then offering them a better choice is wise. My kids are currently 5 and 8 and we teach them balance.

Whenever you are ready! This is perfect way to jump start your healthy living journey, get back on track, hit the reset button, etc. You can also start this anytime you are just sick of fad dieting and can never seem to find something that works for you. This rule will never fail you if you stick to it.

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